Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Three Simple Tips To Remember When Choosing A Good Acupuncture Clinic

The art of acupuncture originated in the East, specifically China. It's a very old practice, steeped in tradition and observed for centuries. During the second half of the twentieth century, the practice spread to Western Europe. These days, it had been incorporated into modern medical practice. It involves the insertion of very thin needles through the patient's skin at specific points on the body. These needles are inserted to various depths. There have been a number of proven benefits of acupuncture, but the most notable one is its therapeutic benefits. It can alleviate pain, even that caused by chemotherapy.

Acupuncture also involves several sessions if you're interested in undergoing it. Before the procedure will be administered, you will have to be assessed by a specialist. The patient will also be told what to expect and instructed on self-care after each session. A regular session lasts for about thirty minutes or a little longer. However, take note that this will not cure serious illnesses or the like. Hence, this should not be viewed as a remedy, but a treatment. Moreover, it will yield benefits only when performed properly. Thus, you must choose your acupuncturist or acupuncture clinic with care.

So how do you choose a good acupuncturist or clinic? There are a few essential details you need to keep in mind. First, you have to be well-acquainted with this treatment. That way, you will know what exactly it is for and what to expect from it. This will also form the basis of your assessment when you check out different specialists. Be on the lookout for those who had the necessary education and training in a Masters program for Chinese medicine. While the specialist doesn't need to be a Chinese, he must have the required certification and training. Note that other professionals in the medical field are also allowed to practice this to some extent.

Second, utilize your online resources to know more about a particular clinic or specialist. If the clinic is a reputable one, it will definitely have a website. It may even have accounts in social networking sites. Keep an eye out for client reviews and testimonials. These can help you gauge the kind of services the clinic or specialist actually delivers. Lastly, schedule a consultation. Once you have determine which one, two, or three clinics you are interested in, set an appointment with them. That way, you can meet the professionals personally. You will then be able to make your final selection.

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

I Can't Get Pregnant - Can Acupuncture Help?

If you have been trying to get pregnant without success or have just decided to start trying, acupuncture is the single most effective way to help. Clinical research has shown acupuncture to be effective in helping women get pregnant, both naturally and in conjunction with Western medical treatments such as IUI and IVF. Acupuncture can dramatically improve your chances of getting pregnant by increasing blood circulation in your body, particularly to your ovaries and uterus, helping regulate your hormone levels and menstrual cycle, and improve your egg quality. In men, acupuncture improves the quality, quantity and mobility of sperm.

Jody suffered from interstitial cystitis (IC) and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and was told by her doctors that it would be very difficult for her to get pregnant. Her doctors even doubted that she was ovulating. Her hormone levels were out of balance. She started acupuncture treatment feeling exhausted from battling her IC and frustrated with her poor prospects of getting pregnant. To her surprise and immense joy, after just two months of treatment not only were her IC symptoms dramatically reduced, but she was pregnant!

Acupuncture improves your overall health, and helps you become more relaxed and happy. When you are relaxed your body naturally performs better. Feeling more at ease in the midst of your busy life sends a clear message to your body that despite the stresses of life, you have the capacity to nurture another human being, your future baby. But when you are constantly stressed and unhappy, your body is in a "fight or flight" mode. A body focused on "survival" has little room to embrace "reproduction."

Terry was 43 years old when she began acupuncture treatment wanting to get pregnant. The fertility doctors said she was not a good candidate because her "eggs were too old". She and her husband desperately wanted a child. She was very stressed about this, and was having difficulty sleeping. The focus of her acupuncture treatments was to increase blood circulation to her uterus and ovaries, and to improve her overall health. As soon as her acupuncture treatments started, her sleeping improved and her stress levels diminished. And in less than three months she was pregnant.

A key feature in preparing the body to become pregnant is to help a woman have a regular menstrual cycle. So many women trying to get pregnant have an irregular cycle, suffer from painful periods, or sometimes don't have a period at all. Acupuncture works well to regulate a woman's cycle. Once that is achieved, it is much easier to get pregnant.

Carrie had been on birth control pills for years. Six months ago she stopped, as she wanted to get pregnant. To her dismay, her period completely stopped. Doctors offered her medication that would force her to have a period, but she preferred a natural alternative. After two months of acupuncture, her period returned. Two months after that she was pregnant!

Acupuncture is also very helpful for women who have suffered from previous miscarriages. In Chinese medicine miscarriage is often caused by internal organ weakness. Acupuncture helps women with high risk pregnancies have healthy babies by strengthening organs that are weak, deficient or out of balance.

Nancy started acupuncture after having lost her last pregnancy to miscarriage in the third trimester. The loss of her baby had been devastating. Both she and her doctor were apprehensive about her trying again. With the help of acupuncture, she was quickly able to get pregnant. But her anxiety levels were still high. She continued acupuncture during her pregnancy, where treatments focused on strengthening her internal organs and also controlling her anxiety and stress levels. After nine months she delivered a healthy baby boy!